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1. What types of memorial markers do you offer?
          Here are the most popular styles: 
       Monuments -a 2 piece memorial ( a straight upright tablet that sits on a matching granite base)
       Slanted Markers -  similar to an upright memorial, except it slopes at a steep angle, and doesn't
                              require the granite base
       Grass Markers - A flat stone that is installed flush to the ground
       Hickey Markers - similar to grass markers but they're slightly elevated, and sloped from back
                              to front
       Bronze Markers - flat bronze markers, with or without a vase (this type of marker is required
                              by some cemeteries)

      It's important to note that some cemeteries do require a certain type or size of marker.

2.  Once my stone is ordered, how long will it take to be set up?
           In most cases, your stone will be installed in 6 to 8 weeks.  We will notify you by mail, when the work has been completed.

3.  Do I have to pay for my order in full when I order it?
           We recommend a deposit of 1/2 down when you order your stone.   If you aren't able to do so, you can still order your stone, although we will wait until you have deposited at least 1/3 towards the stone before engraving.
We ask for the balance to be paid in full upon installation if possible.  If you aren't able to pay the balance at that time,  we are willing to work with you and establish a payment plan. 

4.  Can I have any design I want on my monument?  
          Provided that there's enough room on your stone, virtually any design can be added (unless otherwise specified by your cemetery).  We have a large assortment of designs from which you can choose, or we can customize the design to your specifications.   Some of the most popular themes include florals, religious, occupations, hobbies, and nature.  

5.  Does the design affect the price of my stone?
           Most designs are included in the price of the stone; however, if you decide to have an "etched" design or deeply sculpted design, etc., there will be an additional charge.  Also, if the design is not in our computer or is complicated, there might have to be a drawing cost added.

6.  Can I have lettering done on the back of the stone also?
           All of the lettering on the front of the stone is included in the price at the time of your order, but there is an additional cost for lettering on the back of the stone.  Also,  if you decide to have  lettering added to the front of the stone in the future, there will be an additional charge.

7.  I need the date of death added to a stone, but I don't know where the stone  was purchased.  Can you do the lettering?
          Yes!  We can do lettering on any stone, regardless where the stone was originally purchased.

8. What is lithochrome?
          Litho is a coloring (usually black) that is sprayed into the the lettering or carving to give it contrast and make it  more outstanding.   Over a long period of time, however, it is possible that it may fade.

9.  My husband was a veteran... do I get a discount?
          If the veteran is deceased, and served during specific war time periods, yes, there is a discount of $75.00 in Fayette County and $50.00 in Westmoreland County.  Other counties may vary.    We'll need information such as rank, branch, and war-time period he served.
If however, the veteran is not deceased yet, the discount does not apply.  Lettering of the final date will also qualify for a discount.

10.  Is there any kind of sketch that you provide so that I can see what my stone will look like?
           Yes, we will provide you with a computer drawing of your stone in approximately 2 or 3 weeks after your order is placed.  In order to get your stone installed as soon as possible, you should immediately return the drawing to us with your approval or with any changes you want to make.   If there are changes, we'll provide you with a second print-out to approve also.